31. The alleged death of Congressman Elijah Cummings’ nephew on June 10, 2011

The alleged death of Congressman Elijah Cummings’ nephew was placed into the news… June 10, 2011

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31. The attempted murder or murder of a witness on 2011-02-18

The attempted murder or murder of a witness to a crime at a local Gas Station where Congressman Elijah E. Cummings allegedly was to be the first one an the scene on (2-18-2011) , after the information was shared Via Social media.
On 2-18-2011,
The witness to the Murder that Elijah E. Cummings was first to arrive on the scene of was Mysteriously shot in the head.

After a mass social site posting to as many main stream media outlets, Law enforcement agencies, Political agents and other various entities, the man featured in a private citizens investigation of the murder scene was shot in the head. The story was not a big story for a couple of reasons, for one, it was at a local gas station and for two, The big story in the news was the one year anniversary of the so-called suicide attack on a federal building in Austin Texas by a man supposedly named “Joe Stack” who wrote some sort of manifesto then flew his plane into the IRS building that day.
Strange enough as it is,
In the next few days following the mass media Dis-information program connected to the intelligence agencies of The Us Government, The information contained in all the chapters of this blog with the information contained in the specific article below,

were then again sent to the Congressman Elijah Cummings and all of the Maryland Politicians who had a Social Site where Posting and commentary were allowed.
Absolutely Amazing.
Imagine That just 1 month and 13 days after this information went viral to every single politician and form of Law Enforcement in the state of Maryland The Witness or a Co-worker was shot in the head as if to silence someone or to send some sort of message to him, the company or those who have taken an interest in this particular subject.
From: Thursday, January 6, 2011
To: Friday, February 18, 2011
*** 44 days
1 month, 13 days
3,801,600 seconds
63,360 minutes
1056 hours
44 days
6 weeks
Here are a few articles with this strange COINcidence,
1. 1186258_1401882766704667_165912428_n
Police Investigate Gas Station Shooting
Friday, February 18, 2011
Robert Lang
2. Gas_Station_Shooting9205f4f8-4095-4c6a-a2b3-d7723e1e06290000_20110218115506_320_240
Gas Station Shooting
Gas station employee shot during attempted robbery in Catonsville
Posted: 02/18/2011
3. gastationshooting
Gas Station Shootinghttp://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2011/02/18/man-shot-in-the-head-at-catonsville-gas-station/
Clerk Shot In Head At Catonsville Gas Station
February 18, 2011 6:13 PM
Reporting Gigi Barnettgigi-bio-xlg
4. carroll-fuel-robbery
Police Release Video In Gas Station Shooting & Robbery
Baltimore County Police have released surveillance video from an armed robbery that ended in a shooting at a Catonsville gas station in February.
Here is what they showed us on TV in the news all day long on 2-18-2010,
-Now you have the rest of the story-
1.images joe-stack-not-hero-270-thumb-270x270
Joe Stack STATEMENT: Alleged Suicide Note From Austin Pilot Posted Online
Man Crashes Plane Into Texas I.R.S. Office
Who is Joe Stack?
Joe Stack News
Joe Stack
– images-2 images-1 hqdefault plane_crash_texas_33012f Plane Crash Texas Texas Plane Crash plane-crash-austin-21 joe-stack-plane image6220246x joseph-stack debris 800px-damage_to_echelon_complex_from_2010_plane_crash s-joe-stack-statement-large image6220847x 0218-joe-stack-fire-house_full_600 18cnd-planespan-articlelarge Small Plane Crashes Into Building In Austin, Texas
Plane crashes into Northwest Austin building
A small plane hit into a building by a Christian Suicide Bomber in Texas,Austin USA
February 2010 After Small Plane Crash in Austin, TX
Light Plane crashes into Austin office building 18th 2nd 2010.
Austin Plane Crash Burning Building Witness Footage
7. *** HAZMAT drill near Austin plane crash ***
Again, We Heard and saw on the Television News and the Commentators and pundits who mock them all day long was that it was the T-Party who attacked The Federal Family, when in reality, As you can see if you take a look at the details of the subject matter that is being presented to you, the reader, it is the every day average citizens who look into the government, its members, employees and elected officials are the ones being attacked and the Government in partnerships with state officials, local officials, employees and contractors that are doing the attacking, murdering and the bribing of the members of the Government media complex to assist in the Dis-information cover ups…

The Birth Of the Limited Hangout Dis-Information Propaganda Operation Known As Trayvon Martin

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30. Social Media Information Sharing, “Incendiary Device Media Lie” 2011-01-06

Sharing The Information Via Social Media Jan 2011 And Watching the Government Media Complex Propaganda… 
Early in the beginning of 2011 around New Years I had decided to take all the information contained in the previous articles in this blog site and post them to every single Maryland Politician who had a New Social Media site I could find, About 200. In addition, This information was sent to every police station in the state, The Fbi, every T.V. Station, Radio Station, Every state Government Office, using the social site name (The 33 Lone Wolf).
–  186950_100002115673037_499518_n
Shortly after sending all this information to the list of Parties above, I then sent the Thread data to all of my social site friends and asked them to make it viral nation wide.
***All that was done was question, why will Nobody take a look into this information? Please take Note, ***Nothing was sent via Postal service, UPS or any other means other then ELECTRONIC FILES and SOCIAL SITE COMMENTS AND POSTS***
It seems The Information was retrieved By all the Parties it was sent because on January 6th 2011 the News Media had a new Disinformation Campaign against me, The T-Party.
Here is What showed up in the news that day,
Packages sent to Gov. O’Malley, Md. agency flash and smoke
Md. state offices receive suspicious packages
Maryland State Fire Marshal William E. Barnard briefs the media at the Maryland Department of Transportation about suspicious packages state offices received in Annapolis and Hanover.
2. OMalleyx-wide-community
Police: ‘Incendiary device’ addressed to Md. governor; more parcels probed
By Douglas Stanglin, USA TODAY
Updated 2011-01-06 6:38 PM
Official: Protest message sent with Maryland incendiary device
By the CNN Wire Staff January 6, 2011 10:19 p.m. EST
4. 58628723
Annapolis Fire and Explosive Services unit is parked near the State House.http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2011-01-06/news/bs-md-ar-mailroom-bomb-squad-20110106_1_devices-mailrooms-government-buildings Incendiary devices found in mailrooms at two Maryland state buildings one person injured FBI investigating devices found near State House and Transportation offices in Hanover
January 06, 2011|By Tricia Bishop, Nicole Fuller, Annie Linskey and Nick Madigan, The Baltimore Sun
Incendiary Device Mailed to Governor
Updated Jan. 7, 2011 12:01 a.m. ET
6. 303479_109513069190693_3066623_n (The 33 lone wolf 13 )
WASHINGTON – A disgruntled “lone wolf” is believed to be behind incendiary devices sent to Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and Transportation Secretary Beverley Swaim-Stale
7. incendiary-package
2 Incendiary Packages Cause Security Scare Across Md.
January 7, 2011 12:03 AM
8. breakingnews
BULLETIN: Incendiary Devices Sent To Two State Buildings In Maryland; Workers Being Evacuated; Probe Under Way
By PatrickPretty.com 3:39 pm Jan 6, 2011
“Incendiary Devices” Go Off In MD State Buildings
1/6/2011 Breaking: Incendiary Devices Go Off at Maryland State Buildings (Updated)
Filed under: General — Aaron Worthing @ 11:56 am
Maryland Investigates Incendiary Devices
William B. Cassidy | Jan 07, 2011 11:13AM EST
All of this information sent out by the Government Media Complex is “Limited Hangout” dis Information.
a) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limited_hangout
b) http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Limited_hangout
c) http://www.bilderberg.org/roundtable/LtdHangout.html
The Trap was set and then The Witness’s were attacked By members of The US Government,
Next Chapter —>
( next chapter )

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29. Drive By shooting in front of house October 2010

Drive By shooting in front of house October 2010.

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28. Poisoned My animals September 2010

Poisoned My Bunnies September 18, 2010.
– Thumbnail
On September 18, 2010,
about the same exact time 2 years after the The 28 year old man was killed, Someone broke into my house again and poisoned all my bunnies.
I had left the house for a few hours and walked up the street to the CAFE again to go talk to one of the girls in the neighborhood.
We spent about 2 hours together chatting out front.
When I arrived home, I noticed all the bunnies were dead.
My Baby Bunnies August 2010
How Could I possibly blame a soldier?
How could I possibly blame any employee of the US Government of such an ACT of intimidation or cruelty of the pets of a fellow American?
1) download
US Soldiers Torturing Animals “Graphic” [STOP Animal ABUSE] 2011
(i would FORT-HOOD a soldier for this)
2) download (1)
US Soldiers Abusing and Killing Animals
3) download (2)
US Soldiers Abusing and Killing Animals 3
4) download (3)
US Soldiers Abusing And Killing Animals
5) download (4)
A little puppy abused by US soldiers in Iraq
6) download (6)
US Soldier Throws Puppy Off Cliff
7) download (7)
Us Marine Throws puppy
Semper Fi…

It seems that the New American Soldier is just another Welfare Recipient with a Green Shirt…

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27. Breaking into my HOME August 2010.

Breaking into my HOME August 2010.

My home was broken into in August of 2009.
When I had returned home from the local Cafe,
I went home and proceeded to do my normal things.
I sat down at the computer. I noticed that my desk had been rummaged threw. All my papers were swished around in the draws.
I noticed that my front door knob was broken off from the inside.
I didn’t think to much of it because even tho the papers in the desk draws were rummaged threw, My money was still in the draws.

Later that night,
I had ingested the rest of a beverage I had bought the night before.
I got very very sick.
I had to be driven to an Emergency Care Facility the next morning by a Neighbor.

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26. The Attack in the “CAFE” in July 2010…

← Table Of Contents (Main) / ← Table Of Contents (Part Two)
The Attack in the “CAFE” in July 2010…
In July 2010 while Working in my CAFE I was waiting on a 17 year old black girl. She was very pretty. We were chatting for a while. She used to come in buy a drink every so often after school. We would talk a couple times a week. My job was on her way home from school. On this particular day 2 strange black men We had never seen before ranging about 20 years of age came in and were looking around like they were up to no good.
I didn’t pay them to much attention. I asked them if they were ready to order, One of them said no, they were checking out the menu. I kept on chatting with the girl till they approached the counter to place there order. One ordered a sandwich and another ordered a half of a hoagie. I made there food while they made stupid comments to the girl. I figured they were showing off for her, I had known this particular girl for almost 10 years, knew her mother and her older brother too. Hind sight says they were trying to run her out of the store.

After making there food, they paid, then began to stand around, looking around as if to see if a camera or something of the sorts was in the building and one was watching the door and front window, the other was watching the back of the store. About 5 minutes later, one guy begins to yell, not at anyone in particular just cussing and saying the food tasted like shit and then he threw it up against the wall. As soon as this happened, the other guy reached back and punched the 17 year old girl in the back of the head. At this point, I jumped over the counter and grabbed the both of them and started to throw them out of the store. They both began to fight with me while ransacking the store. l wrestled both of them to the ground, or they both wrestled me to the ground.
Managing to get back to my feet quickly, I pushed one into the wall and soda machine, he fell down slipping on the food he threw on the ground, I grabbed the other by the clothing and locking his arm behind his back, threw him out the door, but missed. I threw the punk right into the door jam.
I tried to break him and the door. Broke my wrist while doing it.
Below is a picture I found on the internet that seems to look almost exactly like the young man,
(Who is this person)?
( — )
Strange as it seems, The mark on his face would be about the same place a smacked his head against the door jam. I tried to break the door jam with his face. He Punched a 17 year old girl in the back of the head hard enough to knock a guy out.

I Grabbed the other and flung him out the door. they tried to come back in. I threw the one guy into the soda machine and wall so hard that by the time I got them both out the door, the neighboring building heard the noise and a couple of handfuls of people came over to see what was going on.
They just watched and didn’t say a word. The two guys then ran away.
I cant be too sure that this second guy is one of the pair but after researching the first, I have a hard time no longer believing my eyes.
(Who is this person)?
( — )

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