26. The Attack in the “CAFE” in July 2010…

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The Attack in the “CAFE” in July 2010…
In July 2010 while Working in my CAFE I was waiting on a 17 year old black girl. She was very pretty. We were chatting for a while. She used to come in buy a drink every so often after school. We would talk a couple times a week. My job was on her way home from school. On this particular day 2 strange black men We had never seen before ranging about 20 years of age came in and were looking around like they were up to no good.
I didn’t pay them to much attention. I asked them if they were ready to order, One of them said no, they were checking out the menu. I kept on chatting with the girl till they approached the counter to place there order. One ordered a sandwich and another ordered a half of a hoagie. I made there food while they made stupid comments to the girl. I figured they were showing off for her, I had known this particular girl for almost 10 years, knew her mother and her older brother too. Hind sight says they were trying to run her out of the store.

After making there food, they paid, then began to stand around, looking around as if to see if a camera or something of the sorts was in the building and one was watching the door and front window, the other was watching the back of the store. About 5 minutes later, one guy begins to yell, not at anyone in particular just cussing and saying the food tasted like shit and then he threw it up against the wall. As soon as this happened, the other guy reached back and punched the 17 year old girl in the back of the head. At this point, I jumped over the counter and grabbed the both of them and started to throw them out of the store. They both began to fight with me while ransacking the store. l wrestled both of them to the ground, or they both wrestled me to the ground.
Managing to get back to my feet quickly, I pushed one into the wall and soda machine, he fell down slipping on the food he threw on the ground, I grabbed the other by the clothing and locking his arm behind his back, threw him out the door, but missed. I threw the punk right into the door jam.
I tried to break him and the door. Broke my wrist while doing it.
Below is a picture I found on the internet that seems to look almost exactly like the young man,
(Who is this person)?
( — )
Strange as it seems, The mark on his face would be about the same place a smacked his head against the door jam. I tried to break the door jam with his face. He Punched a 17 year old girl in the back of the head hard enough to knock a guy out.

I Grabbed the other and flung him out the door. they tried to come back in. I threw the one guy into the soda machine and wall so hard that by the time I got them both out the door, the neighboring building heard the noise and a couple of handfuls of people came over to see what was going on.
They just watched and didn’t say a word. The two guys then ran away.
I cant be too sure that this second guy is one of the pair but after researching the first, I have a hard time no longer believing my eyes.
(Who is this person)?
( — )

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