28. Poisoned My animals September 2010

Poisoned My Bunnies September 18, 2010.
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On September 18, 2010,
about the same exact time 2 years after the The 28 year old man was killed, Someone broke into my house again and poisoned all my bunnies.
I had left the house for a few hours and walked up the street to the CAFE again to go talk to one of the girls in the neighborhood.
We spent about 2 hours together chatting out front.
When I arrived home, I noticed all the bunnies were dead.
My Baby Bunnies August 2010
How Could I possibly blame a soldier?
How could I possibly blame any employee of the US Government of such an ACT of intimidation or cruelty of the pets of a fellow American?
1) download
US Soldiers Torturing Animals “Graphic” [STOP Animal ABUSE] 2011
(i would FORT-HOOD a soldier for this)
2) download (1)
US Soldiers Abusing and Killing Animals
3) download (2)
US Soldiers Abusing and Killing Animals 3
4) download (3)
US Soldiers Abusing And Killing Animals
5) download (4)
A little puppy abused by US soldiers in Iraq
6) download (6)
US Soldier Throws Puppy Off Cliff
7) download (7)
Us Marine Throws puppy
Semper Fi…

It seems that the New American Soldier is just another Welfare Recipient with a Green Shirt…

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