25. Death Of Stephan Wright May 20, 2010

To cover up the mysterious death “alleged” murder on or about May 20, 2010 of Stephen Wright, a candidate for Howard County Md who was killed in a strange accident.

All Threw the year 2010 I started pushing the T-Party as much as I could. I saw how they were being slandered by the media. I saw how they were being physically attacked and some members were being murdered.


On or about May 20, 2010 – Stephen Wright, a candidate for Howard County Md was killed in a strange accident.
Stephen Wright db362-25714_386912459329_207822684329_3813543_815040_n 129076cba644d890e8a779c0ca68ce68
here are a few articles,
Fatal Single Car Accident on Wheel Road
(Bel Air, MD – May 20, 2010)
Shortly before 7:00pm on Thursday, May 20,2010, Harford County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a single motor vehicle accident that occurred in the 500 block of Wheel Road in Bel Air, MD. This is the fourth motor vehicle related fatality handled by the Harford County Sheriff’s Office this year.The driver of vehicle, a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee, was identified as Stephen Michael Wright, age 50, of the 3400 block of Mc Commons Road in Churchville, MD. Preliminary investigation by the Harford County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Unit determined that the Jeep Grand Cherokee was traveling southbound on Wheel Road at a normal rate of speed. It appears that the passenger side of the vehicle went off the shoulder of the road before striking a utility pole on the right hand side of the road. Both driver and passenger side airbags deployed, but there were no indications that the driver was wearing a seat belt. Aid was rendered on the scene before the driver, Wright, was transported by Abingdon Volunteer Fire Company to Upper Chesapeake Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Traffic on Wheel Road was detoured for approximately two hours, from Laurel Bush Road to Patterson Mill Road, while repairs were made to the utility pole.
wright 383655

6. Stephen M. Wright
Stephen M. Wright
August 26, 1959 – May 20, 2010
Resided in Churchville, MD – See more at:http://www.mccomasfuneralhome.com/obituary/Stephen-M.-Wright/Churchville-MD/789741

7. Conservative Wright was a major player in Harford politics  http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2010-05-23/news/bs-ha-wright-0522-20100521_1_republican-david-r-craig-harford-politics-conservative-wright

I was Told by a man that he would be killed about a month before this happened. I suppose he was Friends with the guy who was killed the day after Constitution day on 9-18-2008 who did the investigation of the murder at the gas station that Elijah E. Cummings was to first to arrive at the scene of the crime and his nephew fit the description of the perpetrator of that crime. I was told to drop the subject concerning Elijah E. Cummings, I was told with polite threats of physical bodily harm, Property harm,and legal trouble if i continued to spread this information. I was Also told by another man that if i were to show up at an award presentation he was holding that i would be killed and I should not show up. I thought this was all very strange and I did not know what to do or who to call because of the past attacks I was receiving were by men and women I thought were men and women who were hired to serve and protect US Citizens.

Republicans Rising Stars safe_image-5-php Republicans Rising Stars
It gets even better. Turn the page to the next chapter.

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24. Agent Breitbart Cover-up In Action 3-30-2010 (#3-3-3-)

Agent Breitbart Cover-up In Action 3-30-2010 (#3-3-3-)
Andrew Brietbarts 100 Grand Line of BULL-O-NI & The Media…
17fmrmjuqtp0bjpg money images-2
*On 2009-04-15,
The Annapolis Maryland Tea-Party was attacked.
Below is the Article,

**The Attack of the T-Party goer the day after 4-15-2009.
Below is the article,

***The Baltimore Harbor Tea-Party was attacked.

***The Intimidation of the T-Party goer after the second T-Party attendence,

What does this have to do with The federal Agent Provocateur Andrew Breitbart? 

i_want_you_to_be_andrew_breitbart_poster-r1eac226fa6c0464caa41437562703b32_fv9eh_8byvr_512 0914-beckbreitbart1 s-BREITBART-large300 r-ANDREW-BREITBART-ANTHONY-WEINER-PHOTO-large570 17fmrmjuqtp0bjpg 0 images Capture9-316x2061-300x195 BKT-Andrew-Breitbart-by-Mark-Taylor Andrew-Breitbart dGV1g AndrewBreitbart_Done_ABCGMA_072110 andrew-breitbart-2012 AndrewBreitbart_GlennBeck_DysfunctionalTrash breitbart
After this, The T-Partyer contacted me and said that a congressman may have had his friend murdered because he found out the congressman murdered a 19 year old man over drug money in connection with his nephew. He said that his friend knew Obama was Osama. He said his friend found out about the Oklahoma City bombing was done by Eric Holder, Barack Obama (John Doe #2) and the congressman.

Andrew Brietbarts scam,
*Andrew Breitbart’s $100,000 Challenge
March 30th, 2010
*Breitbart Video: I offer $100,000 reward for proof that the elite media’s story actually happened. They lied about us when we had a sea of new media recording the event.
*Posted by iusbvision on April 18, 2010
*Andrew Breitbart Offers $10,000 to United Negro College Fund
By La Shawn Barber • March 26, 2010 02:10 PM
Written by Scott Johnson.
“””One can say this with something approaching metaphysical certainty because of the utter lack of evidence supporting it under circumstances where there would have been such evidence had it happened as alleged. The key to the case was Breitbart’s offer of a $100,000 reward to anyone producing video of the epithets being shouted. There were no takers because it didn’t happen.”””
***-(It did happen, and when i tried to contact Andrew Breitbart, I was spit on again, and attacked)***
*Breitbart Offers $100,000 For Full Journolist Archives
June 29, 2010 – 1:29 pm – by Ed Driscoll
“””In case you haven’t seen it already, Andrew Breitbart writes, “I’ve had $100,000 burning in my pocket for the last three months and I’d really like to spend it on a worthy cause:”
So how about this: in the interests of journalistic transparency, and to offer the American public a unique insight in the workings of the Democrat-Media Complex, I’m offering $100,000 for the full “JournoList” archive, source fully protected. Now there’s an offer somebody can’t refuse.”””
***(I tried to contact Andrew Breitbart 100 times, I contacted Many of his associates and collegues, I was attacked, I had a video, I still have the video)”””
*Breitbart Offers $100,000 For JournoList Archive To Prove Liberal Media Bias
TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 2010
***(Andrew Breitbarts story seems to change with every article written, Anyone ever notice that?)***
*Andrew Breitbart Offers $100K For Proof Of Tea Party Racism
Written on March 28, 2010 by Diamond Tiger in Tea Party at 10:32 pm
***(If you ask me, Andrew Breitbart is nothing but a common every day pick pocket thief who is either a CIA-Media Contractor, or a miss-information, or Dis-information specialist.)***
How can I say this?
In 2001-2, my friend and I conducted an E-mail warfare campaign on all the liars and thieves in the media.
We found out who the “Osama Binladen” photo was. We knew who blew up the twin towers. We even knew the names of the guys who done it. One of our E-mail accounts was,
a) Big_Gubment@—–.com
A short time later the (New Media Web Page) was created speaking of the same things my friend and I were discussing on open forums.
–> http://www.breitbart.com/big-government
This punk has been a plageriser for 10 years And if he is not dead, he faked his death and He is in hiding because he is afraid of a law suit for copy writing all my stuff after using NSA Technology,

PRISM (surveillance program)
a) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PRISM_(surveillance_program)
b) http://www.theverge.com/2013/7/17/4517480/nsa-spying-prism-surveillance-cheat-sheet
c) http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-23123964
d) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Government_Communications_Headquarters

All I have to say is, His crew had more money then I, so I think Him for helping spread the word.
The curse of pretending to help people when helping your self to others ideas;
Its like a drug, eventually, If one doesn’t understand the forces they are dabbling in, one implodes.
—> Andrew imploded.
Don’t worry, Mr Brietbart is not the only one who will implode for such behaviors,

In 2001-2 when We started the Big_Gubment campaign, we also started,

–> Low and behold, look what crawls out of the woodwork,
– John-R.-Lott-More-Guns-Less-Crime
More Guns, Less Crime – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Now the funny part about this,
Pro_Crime_Ban_Guns / More guns less crime crap,
* The guy who is selling this book advertises most of the time on a miss info channel where the son of the FBI agents who were stationed in the USA to watch Osama Binladens family work.
Also connected to a few other Federal Bullo of Intimidation’s FEMA Psy-co-pters.

(The Information Concerning the strange death of Agent Breitbart to be listed below later)

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23. List of Attacks on the T-party before and after the first T-party.

Here are a list of attacks that 
The US Federal Government,
The Maryland State Government,
The Government Media Complex does not want you to know about:
15. The destruction of the car 1:00 AM (July 2008)
16. Destruction Of Two Cars (August 2008)
17. Mysterious death “alleged” murder of 28 year old man who investigate Elijah Cummings 7th district Maryland
18. Stealing My Car 2-20-09
19. The First attack at the T-party on April 15, 2009
20. Gun point set up After 1st T-Party in front of “CAFE” by Police
21. 2nd Attack, Spitting on the T-Party July 2, 2009
22. Pulling me out of the house at gun point after the (July 2, 2009 T-Party)
Has anyone ever asked them self why it seems so easy to black mail the governor of Maryland, Martin Omalley?
Take a look at the pictures they show you in the Government Media Complex,
– O'Malley Family family2007
Now Take a look at the pictures that are taken of his daughters on the average weekend night,
– 1471165_1428810887336755_1030677881_n994663_1428810550670122_959310750_n
Here are a few news stories that could be found on the subject,
O’Malley Family Has “Teachable Moment”
Friday, May 28, 2010
O’Malley’s daughter, 18, found unconscious, briefly hospitalized
New graduate said to appear intoxicated at Inner Harbor
first lady calls it ‘teachable moment’
May 28, 2010|
By Julie Bykowicz, The Baltimore Sun
Baltimore Maryland Police Officer Sgt. Duane Henry Covered Up Governor’s 18 Year Old Daughter Being Unconscious From Alcohol Poisoning
saved here,
What Do You Do With a Drunk O’Malley?
Friday, May 28, 2010
O’Malley Family Has “Teachable Moment”
Gov. O’Malley’s teen daughter hospitalized after graduation party
Friday, May 28, 2010 | Updated 3:00 PM EDT
911 call of Tara O’Malley incident released
Posted at 11:41 AM ET, 06/ 5/2010
Alcohol Was Mentioned in 911 Call for O’Malley’s Daughter
Police release 911 call on governor’s daughter
Friday, Jun 4, 2010 | Updated 11:36 PM EDT
Julie Bykowicz: O’Malley’s daughter, 18, found unconscious, briefly hospitalized
Saturday, May 29, 2010
Martin O’Malley’s Daughter Tara Drunk at Inner Harbor
Tara O’Malley 911 Tapes
May 28, 2010 ·
BREAKING NEWS: Gov. Martin O’Malley’s 18-year-old daughter was hospitalized last night after she was found unconscious at the Inner Harbor, according to a police report.


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22. Pulling me out of the house at gun point after the (July 2, 2009 T-Party)

Pulling me out of the house at gun point after the (July 2, 2009 T-Party) while spying on my property Then creating the fake news Story (Henry Louis Gates ) to pump all over the international media to cover it up.
About 13 days after the party, one after noon while on my way home had a feeling of being watched.
After i got home, i went out to my garage to work on a project I was in the middle of.
After I period of time going back into the house, I realized that the door was locked and my keys were inside.
It was summer, My windows were opened.
I walked around back of the house and climbed into the rear window.
A few seconds after I was in the house there was a banging at the door.
I walked over to the door, moved the curtain and saw it was the Baltimore Police.
I opened the door wondering what was going on, the Officer unstrapped his gun and asked me to step outside keeping his hand on it. I asked why, He just repeated please step outside. I stepped out on the porch, He then asked me who else was in the house with me. I answered nobody. He asked me again “Is anyone else in the house”. I said, no, I’m the only one here. He the asked me for Identification. I asked him what the problem was, He said That he received a call that someone had broken into the house next door. I told the officer that that must have been the quickest response in world history of 9-11 calls because i had only the time to crawl threw the window take a piss and open the front door to the police.
(It was obvious to me that the police were watching me very close and for reasons I had not known exactly why at this time)
A Short time later, I had shared this story with my social network of primarily T-Party groups all over America.
A Strange thing happened,

In the news that night or maybe the next day was the comical story,
“Henry Louis Gates arrest controversy “
“””On July 16, 2009, Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., was arrested at his Cambridge, Massachusetts home by a local police officer responding to a 9-1-1 caller’s report of men breaking and entering the residence.”””
I started thinking to my self, something strange is going on.
The only difference is,, The police officer that beat on my door looked like a mirror image of Henry Gates and The police Officer in the Henry gates controversy looked a little like a guy my age and skin color.
They say it was the IRS who attacked the T-Party.
May I ask, If I am A T-Partyer, so far, Have I listed anyone who is a contractor for the IRS as an Attacker?
How come all the Right and Left Wing Media Outlets and Politicians say the T-Party was attacked starting in 2010 and all my video footage and claims of attacks are still in the year 2009 at this point?

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21. 2nd Attack, Spitting on the T-Party July 2, 2009

2nd Attack, Spitting on the T-Party July 2, 2009
I always hear on the Radio and the Television that the T-Party was attacked by the IRS in the year 2010.
I admit I hate the IRS and wish every single employee of it would all be in a building like one of the Twin Towers or even Building number 7 on a day like September 11, 2001 killing them all in one big mushroom cloud vapor.
The Truth is, The T-Party was attacked long before 2010.

I had the video.
I have the Video.
Here is the video.

Before any of you watch this stupid worthless video CIA Agents like all the “Operation Mocking Birds” in the media (to be named later), no matter the form of media have spent countless Billions of your Tax Dollars to cover up and distract you, I would like you to thank me for wasting hundreds of thousands if not millions of Fat Worthless Government Employees time and energy “working so hard” to keep you from seeing, hearing or knowing the truth and spending all of your money like it is theirs.
I have enjoyed tearing this worthless government apart, up, down, left, right, every which way but loose.
The reason why this country is going to split at the seams and fall into civil war is because of You, All of you.
*Remember That*
The First attack on the T-Partyer started on 4-15-2009,

In this video, The camera man was spit on by a Congressional Black Caucus Candy-Date and most likely part of (COINTELPRO)
and a (Federal Agent Provocateur)
This must be what it takes to get into the political gang now a days. It no longer matters what Party any of you voters are members of, The gang is a gang and you all are nothing more then followers of False Idols who do nothing but steal as much as they can as fast as they can from all of you.
Every penny you donate to them goes for nothing more then Liquor, Drugs, Prostitutes, and Hotel Rooms which they all claim is bad for you and write laws to keep you in the Prohibition Police State while they in return blow every penny on the very same substances and activities they write laws to restrict or make illegal for you…
It no longer matters what party you claim affīliātiōn. ALL OF YOU are being ripped off like the Chumps that you should be treated like, because you are and if you follow any of them, you are a chimp, or a chump.
– mqdefault
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q5ULKh2eDA mqdefault
At :10 notice the huddle of uniformed and uninformed police, federal agents, and security. Notice the guy in the tan hat, black shirt and dark glasses. “What are they preparing to do?”
At 34 the guy in the tan hat, dark glasses and black shirt called me a nigger and a spik at the 4-15-09 tea party. It was raining. Couldn’t bring my camera out of the car. I didn’t expect to be attacked by the government law enforcement.
At :42 notice the black man in the black suit and the white guy to his left.
At about 44 he says” TTTT I need you to get a copy of thisss. When he says, TTTT and Thisss, he sprays me with spit right in the face.
At :57, the first thing the cameraman says is “Please don’t spit on me”, the guy says, “Ok”. Like “so what”. Notice how his bodyguard gets right up in my face. “Who am I?” Why would they huddle up and single me out? Why would they try to provoke me?
At 1:29 I was asked by another by standard to film the “Obama Phone Company” that had taken the area away from the Tea-party.
At 1:39, listen to the guy stuttering as he grabs the older lady in an intimidating fashion.
At 1:49 as soon as the fake republican hears the word “democrat” he goes right for the fist bump.
By the time of 1:57 you can see that the cameraman is completely surrounded by police and federal agents.
Here are the additional videos recorded at the July-02-2009 T-Party…

1) July-02-2009 attack on T-party in Baltimore Maryland

2) July-02-2009 attack on T-party in Baltimore Maryland

3) July-02-2009 attack on T-party in Baltimore Maryland

Why did this happen?
Why would A Federal Agent Provocateur attempt to provoke a guy?
Why would a COINTELPRO Agent attempt to provoke a guy?

At that time at the 4-15-2009 T-Party, I didn’t think that much of it. Idiots are everywhere. But I said to the T-Partyer, this is the beginning of something big and the next time you come, bring the camera.
*** 7-2-09
On July 2, 2009 the T-Partyer went to the Baltimore city Tea party planned to be held at the Inner Harbor. When the T-Partyer got there he noticed that the Obama-Phone Company had co-opted the location under orders from Obama, Governor O’Malley, Anthony Brown and Shelia Dixon.

Upon arriving the T-Partyer noticed he was being spied on by some strange looking characters, The same ones in fact that had given him some trouble, but this time he was armed with a camera.

He was told, “change the location”, “move it”, “go down there”, “get out of here”. Standing his ground trying to conceal the camera, the moment was caught on film.

A Maryland senate candy-date and congressional black caucus candidate approached him and sprayed his face with spit. Of course city and state police FBI and secret service surrounded him.

Here are some pictures of the preparation for the attack on the T-partyer.
dsc00890 dsc00891
Here are some pictures of the guy who called the T-Partyer a nigger and spik at the 4-15-09 Tea Party.
dsc00892 dsc00892 (1) dsc00893 dsc00894
Here are some pictures of the Maryland senate candidate who spit in the T-Partyers face and the multitude of city, and state police, fbi and fema agents.
dsc00899 dsc00895 dsc00896 dsc00897 dsc00900  dsc00902
Here is the body guard,
dsc00898 dsc00901
Who is the Guy in the Tan Hat?

1) Mike Baker, 1526265_1402792953296534_178630831_n
2. 1375084_1383277641914732_1077135201_n
Todd Snipes,
The Sniper Treyvon Martin Distractor
3. 1460963_1383277688581394_516184044_n
(4-15-2009 T-Party Attacker),
July 2, 2009 Lead man T-Party Attacker
Nick Pugh,
11-03-13 LAX Shooting Witness
5. 1463696_1383279855247844_1023134358_n
Harley T-Shirt guy, 1463696_1383279855247844_1023134358_n
9-11-01 Expert Witness
a) 9/11 Eyewitness – FOX Freelancer Harley Guy Mark Walsh
b)Harley Guy from 9/11 is Nick Pugh and NOT “Mark Walsh” from Fox & Friends & Opie Anthony Radio Show
6. add540bb8f4b4015c07159e88ff93b7e
Candidate profile: Corrogan Vaughn for U.S. Senate add540bb8f4b4015c07159e88ff93b7e
“”” For 15 years, Mr. Vaugh worked for U.S. Airways. After Sept 11, he was one of seven thousand people who lost a middle management position with a commericial airline. He says, “I understand what it is to be unemployed. Being unemployed requires you to put yourself in a position to better yourself.”
***For the past ten years to the present, he has been a political consultant.
Mr. Vaughn is also the owner of two small businesses. Vaughn Air, a high-end corporate travel business, and a newly launched womens clothing line, Vaughn Wear. “””
People want to know what the truth about the NSA?
Ever wonder why it is that all the names and faces of the people I claim have attacked me all have ties to 9-11-01?
Here are a list of attacks that 
The US Federal Government,
The Maryland State Government,
The Government Media Complex does not want you to know about:

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20. Gun point set up After T-Party in “CAFE” by Cops 4-16-09

Gun point set up After 1st T-Party in front of “CAFE” by Police
Early in the morning of mid April a few days after the 4-15-2009 T-Party between 9:31 am and 10:39 am I was set up for a gun point stand off by the Baltimore County and Baltimore City police.

I went in a little early to help open up the store. While standing behind the counter making my self some Tea and cooking something on the grill a Police officer walked in and looked around for a minute or two then asked who was driving the pickup truck outside. Said to the officer that I drove the truck to the store.
He informed me, should go out and move it because the tail end of the truck was to close to the no parking sign and he didn’t want to ticket the vehicle.
Said Ok,
Let me get the keys and would be right out. Moved the food off the hot spot of the grill then grabbed the keys and went outside to move the truck.
Opened the door and got into the truck.

As soon as the keys were put in the ignition of the truck about 10 police officers surrounded the truck with there weapons out. Had a few officers on both sides of the truck with there side-arms aimed.

The people in the neighboring stores all ran outside because the officers were screaming,
“get your hand where we can see them!”
Was then ordered to roll the window down and hand the officer my identification.
Thought at that time they were going to shoot. Wasn’t nervous, was very confused of there behavior.
Had done nothing but exactly what the first officer asked me to do.
Handed the officer the identification. Had two Officers on the curb, on the passenger side of the vehicle maintained an aiming stance with guns drawn at the window directly at my head. Asked what the problem was.

After about 5 minutes, the officer at the driver side told me that the vehicle had been called in as stolen. I said to the officer, In a sarcastic voice, That I owned the truck and reported it stolen almost a year before but also called the police back the same day the truck was retrieved when it was Located earlier that year.

The officer started to play with me as if to provoke me, all the while the other officers on the passenger side of the truck maintained there aim at my head as if to shoot if I had made a wrong move.
The people in the neighboring stores came out and a few minutes after that, the officers handed me my identification back threw the window and left. The police were in a number of different vehicles, a couple of marked county police cars, a couple of marked city police cars and a couple of silver or black fleet edition Crown Victorias.

After the entire set up was complete, I still had not started the truck and never moved it. When they left, got out and explained to everyone, had no idea what was going on except that they were responding to a auto theft from a year ago.

This is not the end of the story…

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19. The First attack at the T-party on April 15, 2009

F. The First attack at the T-party on April 15, 2009
On April 15, 2009
At the Annapolis Maryland Tea-Party, It was raining cats and dogs. A decision was made to leave the camera in the truck. While at the Tea party a T-Partyer was attacked by a man and some weird men who were near the man attacking the T-Partyer.
The T-Partyer was called a nigger and told his kind didn’t have any reason to be at a Tea party. He said to the guy “I’m not your nigger”. Then proceeded to raise his traffic cone mega phone and aim it at his face and continue yelling threw it,
“Toss the bums out”.
He then got in the T-Partyer’s face again, trying to provoke him telling him,
“Get you nigger ass outta here, you fuckin spik”.
The T-Partyer then raised up his traffic cone mega phone, this time a little closer to the Federal Agent’s face and began saying,
This went on for a few minutes till a companion of the Federal Agent grabbed him and said, “we gotta go”.
They began to walk away. I gave them about 100 yards, I started to follow them. I followed them to a place about 1,000 feet away were all the State Police and FBI and some other kind of federal agents were stationed.
These two guys got into a fleet edition silver Crown Victoria.
Here is what the car looked like, M-ford-crown-vic-plain-2004
– M-ford-crown-vic-plain-2004
Here is what the guy who attacked the T-Partyer looked like,
– dsc00893
T.E.A. – Party April 15, 2009 Annapolis, MD
1. mqdefault
Tax Day Tea Party – Annapolis, MD A GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT!
2. mqdefault (1)
annapolis tea party
Uploaded on Apr 16, 2009
Recorded on April 15, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.
3. mqdefault (2)
annapolis tea party
Uploaded on Apr 17, 2009
Recorded on April 15, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.
4. mqdefault (4)
annapolis tea party
Uploaded on Apr 17, 2009
Recorded on April 15, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.
5. mqdefault (3)
annapolis tea party
Uploaded on Apr 17, 2009
Recorded on April 15, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.
6. mqdefault (5)
annapolis tea party
Uploaded on Apr 16, 2009
Recorded on April 15, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.
“Operation Mocking Bird” Preemptive attack on the Tea-Party.
Tax Day Tea Party, ACORN and violence;
April 11, 2009
(Maryland) National Guard on Alert for Violence from TEA Party Protesters?
Jawa Report ^ | April 14, 2009 | Rusty Shackleford
April 14, 2009
National Guard on Alert for Violence from TEA Party Protesters?
Md. Guard Issues Warning to Staff about Local TEA Party Protestors
Md. Guard Issues Warning to Staff about Local TEA Party Protestors
( Operation Mocking Bird )
May I ask,
How is it that all the “Operation Mocking Birds” always seen to be at the exact place at the exact time?
– mqdefault
+++Md. Taxpayers Brave Rain To Protest+++
WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore
Uploaded on Apr 15, 2009
Hundreds of Maryland residents braved heavy rain to attend “tea parties” in Baltimore and Annapolis in protest of national, state and local tax policies.
( Operation Mocking Bird )

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